2016 New York Innovative Theater Award Nominee:

Outstanding Lead Actress 

Natural Life at Terry Schreiber Studios

"Holly Heiser is a heroine as Claire McGreely. Her supreme vulnerability and ability to balance the intelligent, articulate, and likable side of a criminal establishes an instant connection with the audience."

--Monica Charline Brown, at Theater Pizzazz

"It becomes clear that Claire is a victim as well as a killer... Heiser’s portrayal of Claire McGreely is powerful and nuanced. She expertly crafts a character that has many sides and leaves no doubt that her case is not a simple one of black-and-white murder."

--Lauren Wolman, at OffOffOnline

"Holly Heiser is excellent in the very difficult role of Claire, playing a roller coaster of emotions from teenage mother, to sentenced convict."

--Evan Seplow, at Stagebuddy