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Made possible with a grant by City Artist Corp!

September 24&25 7:30pm

Tix at:

I am so excited to announce a showing of RunLove. An immersive event I am creating with my friends at OTR Immersive with the help of a grant by the City Artist Corp! 

RUN, Love is an immersive performance mixing dance, script, and audience engangement. The show tells the story of one couple's relationship but in reverse. It takes the audience through various stages of the relationship: anger, fear, playfulness, and lust, until we arrive at the couple's first meeting. The performers engage the audience throughout these intimate scenes in task, game, and choice traveling the audience though various spaces.

2016 New York Innovative Theater Award Nominee:

Outstanding Lead Actress 

Natural Life at Terry Schreiber Studios

"Holly Heiser is a heroine as Claire McGreely. Her supreme vulnerability and ability to balance the intelligent, articulate, and likable side of a criminal establishes an instant connection with the audience."

--Monica Charline Brown, at Theater Pizzazz

"It becomes clear that Claire is a victim as well as a killer... Heiser’s portrayal of Claire McGreely is powerful and nuanced. She expertly crafts a character that has many sides and leaves no doubt that her case is not a simple one of black-and-white murder."

--Lauren Wolman, at OffOffOnline

"Holly Heiser is excellent in the very difficult role of Claire, playing a roller coaster of emotions from teenage mother, to sentenced convict."

--Evan Seplow, at Stagebuddy

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